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I'm Brandon Kirshner and I'm running as an Independent Candidate to represent New York's 25th Congressional district.

Born, raised, and educated in this district, I know what it's like to live and work in this city. Furthermore, pursuing a career in the healthcare industry, I also know what it's like to be a political outsider in this district, and how little our voice has become to matter.

Today we live in a political climate where our representatives choose to put their parties before the citizens of this nation. This choice to put "party-before-person" not only neglects the needs of the American people, but it puts our Government in a never ending cycle of partisan gridlock and hyper partisanship. 

I'm running for Congress this cycle to give the people of Rochester a new choice. A choice to break the cycle of partisanship. A choice to transcend the political party platforms and to focus on the big issues facing our country and our district. I believe in fighting for meaningful political reform such as term limits, taking a firm and aggressive stance on tackling our national debt, and fixing our healthcare system to make it more efficient for caregivers and more cost effective for patients. 

My friend, this November you have a choice. A choice to send a politician to D.C. to represent their party, or a choice to send a citizen of Rochester to D.C. to represent this district, this country, and your voice. We as the citizens of the United States deserve better, and with your help, we can make that a reality. 

Please feel free to explore where I stand on the issues, how you can get involved, and updates from the campaign below.

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